La tua idea su misura

My name is Livia.
I was born in 1960 in the most famous in the world.profilo
Capri (Italy).
My life has been lived in a simple way, but I owe a lot to my land because Capri and its Mediterranean charm taught me the spell of life through the natural colors of nature and the blue of the sea.
Growing up, I developed the idea to create because it is inspired by her beauty made ​​me want to achieve many things in the time I then materialized, namely Art and Craft.
What today enriches me is the poetry of the time lived because the past has left a lot of satisfaction to me and my whole family.
I wanted to create this space to be present in the world and broaden my horizons without internet could be insurmountable.
Thanks to technology today, I surf trip away … and also with the heart!
Thanks to all of you for visiting my space.

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